The Best Dog Food For American Bulldogs

American Bulldogs waiting for dinner

If you are new to American Bulldogs, then along with knowing how to train an american bulldog, you need to know how to feed them. American bulldogs are real foodies, and they will eat till they pop. It is your responsibility, as his owner, to ensure your dog’s diet is healthy and appropriate.

Commercial Vs Raw Food

Every Bully’s needs are individual, and you should always discuss with your vet if any dietary problems occur. Some owners prefer a raw food diet, but it doesn’t work for everybody. Raw food enthusiasts say it helps the dog’s dental hygiene and promotes a better coat. But it can be a time-consuming process.

Making your own dog food is another option but again can take a fair amount of time. Commercial food, in today’s market, contains all the vitamins and minerals in the right proportion your dog needs. The decision is entirely a personal one, but do be aware that most vets do not endorse a raw food diet. This is due to the high risk of salmonella and other infections that come from raw meat.

A Feeding Outline For your Bullys

Once you have chosen the type of dog food for American Bulldogs you prefer, remember to keep a close eye on your dog to see how he responds to it. End of the say it how well the food suits your Bully that is important. Keeping his gut healthy, his coat shiny and waterproof, and him agile, healthy and happy. When feeding a puppy, you will be given his 2x the amount you will when he becomes an adult—feeding him 4x a day until 4 months old. After this time, reduce to 3x a day. When your Bully reaches 6 months old, you should move him onto an adult diet of two meals a day.