How To Train An American Bulldog

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Anerican Bulldog Image

The American Bulldog is an athletic and muscular dog. While these are good traits, they need to be handled correctly with training that considers these and other specific traits. There are different American bulldog training methods. The most recommended for American bulldogs is respect training. This method teaches your bulldog to behave well by interacting with him in specific ways. Training that increasing his respect for his owner, and becoming compliant with following commands.

Training should start as soon as you bring your American bulldog home. Failing to do so gives your pet room to make decisions about how to behave. Taking control right from the beginning helps your pet to adapt to their new home and new behaviour.

Successful Respect Training Of An American Bulldog

Before your pet can obey your commands, they need to understand them. This is why teaching words is the basis of respect training. It is how they will understand commands like no, come, fetch, go, stop, down and others. Just like children learn words by hearing them again and again, your pet will learn through repetition.

You can also help them learn what words mean by demonstrating them. For instance, squat as you tell them to do down, stop when you want them to stop and start moving when you want them to go. Demonstrating commands as you give them to your American bulldog will help him master them. Reinforce good behaviour by rewarding it with a treat. A snack, fond rub and compliments make him happy.

Four Ways To Make Training An American Bulldog Easier

While you may follow all the ideals like starting training right away, rewarding good behaviour and being firm about bad behaviour, training your pet may still prove to be a challenge. Keeping to the following four guidelines will make it much more straightforward:

  • Confining your pet to a training area like the garage
  • Staying calm when interacting with your pet
  • Keeping to a training schedule
  • Using the correct training method

Incorporating The Above In Pet Training

When your pet first gets home, they may be overwhelmed by the rooms, the things in them and people. Introduce them to everything bit by bit. Start by keeping them in one area such as the garage at night and the backyard during the day. Keep young puppies safe by having them on a comfortable leash that lets them move around the outdoors for exercise and fresh air.

When training any pet, keep a calm and positive frame of mind. Expect them to make mistakes and take time to learn correct behaviour. Also, be consistent with your training schedule. Let it be at the same time and place daily. Lastly, use the right training method for your pet’s breed and temperament.