Are American Bulldogs and Children Friends?

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American bulldogs

Few dog breeds are as popular and feared as American Bulldogs. These enormously strong animals play rough and are among the 6 most dangerous dog breeds in the world. Yet, they are also admired for their loyalty, especially when properly trained. The rough playfulness of this breed is a major concern for pet owners as they could harm smaller animals or children. The good news is that a well trained American bulldog is safe around children.

Are American Bulldogs and Children Compatible?

The extremely adorable American bulldog possesses a great deal of strength and tenacity. Its activeness can usually become tiring to inactive owners. This breed requires lots of exercises as it has raw athletic abilities that may be destructive if the dog is left alone to its devices and is not trained properly.

Only in such circumstances could an American Bulldog be harmful to children. A well-trained bulldog that socialises with other dogs is fun around children, especially when it joins the family at an early age. A well trained American Bulldog is extremely loyal and protective of its owners, including children. So contrary to popular opinion, American Bulldogs are great with kids.

Is Owning An American Bulldog A Good Idea?

As long as the dog has been properly trained, American bulldogs and children are extremely compatible. Their protective instinct ensures that your kids have a playmate and bodyguard at all times. This dog breed is extremely friendly and fun-loving. They will certainly bring a lot of joy to any household.