American Bulldog Puppy Weight

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American Bulldog Puppy

Who doesn’t love the sight of a young puppy hurtling around the room sniffing everything? I know I do, especially when it’s an American Bulldog puppy! Whilst buying your new friend from the American Bulldog kennels, you have a few questions and some are sure to be about weight.

What Is The Perfect Weight?

The short answer is…well, any weight really! There is a broad spectrum of weights considered normal for an American Bulldog puppy. The sex of the puppy is a consideration to take into account as well as the growth rate, which can vary no matter whether your pooch is male or female.

Let’s put some rough figures out there for you puppy lovers. At three months old the average weight range for an American Bulldog is 25 to 42.5 pounds. When your pooch hits six months the average range goes from 46 to 77 pounds in weight. After a year, the average weight range is 63 – 116.4 pounds. That’s a big difference in potentail weight for your puppy.

Factors Around Puppy Growth

As stated above, there is no perfect American Bulldog puppy weight. A lot of factors enter the equation such as nutrition, environment and general health of your Bulldog. It should go without saying that if you are ever worried about your pup’s weight or health, seek professional advice from a registered Veterinarian.