Is The American Bulldog A Banned Breed?

The American bulldog is one of the breeds that suffer from a bad reputation and the common stereotype of being aggressive. They are banned in many countries and also in parts of the U.S. itself. Denmark passed an amendment to its Dangerous Dog Law in 2010 relating to 13 breeds of dogs, including the American Bulldog.

There is now a ban on keeping or importing them along with any mixed breed dogs. If there is any doubt about a dog belonging to the prohibited breed or crossbreed, the police can request certificated proof of the dog’s type.

There is one important exception. If your dog was born before the enactment of the law on 17/03/2010, you are allowed to enter Denmark with it. However, you will be required to provide proof of the birth date.

Why Is The American Bulldog Considered Dangerous?

The American bulldog actually comes from mastiff lines and is not technically a “pit bull” group member. Nevertheless, this breed has been banned for showing aggressive traits. Owners would say this is untrue, but due to powerful jaws and a muscular physique, they can be dangerous if raised by irresponsible owners.

Along with all these kinds of breeds, American Bulldogs need early socialisation training. This helps to prevent incidents of hostility towards people, other pets and wild animals. Some owners neglect their dogs and even promote aggressive behaviour, with American Bulldogs being widely used in dog-fighting. There have also been numerous cases of serious dog-related attacks with some being fatal. However, breeders feel this doesn’t reflect the personality of this breed accurately.

Danish Laws On Savaging

Along with Denmark’s prohibition on dog breeds, in 2014 provisions were introduced on “savaging”. According to these laws, police are required to euthanise any dog found to have attacked a person or another dog. These rules apply equally to tourists as well as Danish dog owners. If a dog is brought into the country and bites another person or dog, there will be an investigation by the police.

If it is found that the case constitutes a savage attack, then euthanasia of the attacking dog will follow. The dog owner may request an expert assessment of the case and the local police decision can also be appealed to the Danish National Police.

The Impact Of The American Bulldog Ban

Since it was introduced, the Danish Act on Dogs has been a controversial topic in Denmark. Many people feel that legislation banning breeds is led by ignorance or fear and is not an entirely responsible approach.

Danes regard themselves as extremely responsible and dog-friendly and feel that the issue is usually caused by people. Aggression is not general across the breed. However, the legislation in many countries has ended a certain amount of abuse of dog breeds that are used for fighting and other criminal activities.

The impact of the American Bulldog ban on responsible trainers and the many pet owners in Denmark has been minimal. Changes have made some neighbourhoods safer for walking. But most people would tell you the subject has been sensationalised. Dogs are still considered to be man’s best friend and the cutest, friendliest of companions.