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American Bulldogs are strong, athletic dogs that love the outdoors. Due to the muscular physique, they were originally bred as working dogs on farms in the Southern parts of America. Ranchers and farmers used them to catch wild hogs, cows, and bulls for castration. Although some of them still do it, today, this dog breed is mostly used for showing and are kept as family pets.

These energetic dogs may look tough on the outside but, they are real sweethearts on the inside. The reason why these dogs are excellent family companions is that they love children, and they are very protective of them but, in a gentle way. Keep in mind that as gentle and loving as they are with their family and kids, American bulldogs puppies need a lot of patience and good training to learn how to act around strangers and other animals.

American Bulldogs are not to be kept in small spaces like apartments. They have a lot of energy and require a lot of exercising to burn it off. For that reason, they are the perfect fit for active families with large fenced backyards or dog parents that spend most of the time outside.

American Bulldogs Personality

Due to their sensitive nature, these dogs need a firm but also a loving approach when it comes to training and guidance. They are extremely intelligent and have a strong work ethic, unseen with most other dog breeds.

Within the family, this breed is very protective, especially with women and kids.  But, don’t forget that they’re not your babysitters and supervise them when they’re around children. These dogs need to socialise from a very early age to become more confident in different situations and unfamiliar surroundings.

American Bulldogs - Health Care

Generally speaking, American Bulldogs are healthy dogs. You should always make sure you buy your puppy from kennels with the correct accreditation.  However, owners should pay special attention to their hips and joints. With this breed, following the vet’s instructions about vaccinations and exams is of utter importance because they are prone to developing elbow and hip dysplasia, cataracts, and hypothyroidism.

The best way to preventing all of these problems and extending your American Bulldog’s life is to watch their weight and make sure it’s always in the healthy range. The breed has a short snout which means that they cannot tolerate extreme heat, and they may breathe heavily while exercising so, make sure your pet always has water available.

American Bulldogs Nutrition & Grooming

The nutritional needs of this breed changes as they grow up. For the first 14 months of their life, you should feed them with puppy food for a large breed without added calcium. Then, adult dogs must be fed high-quality large-breed food enriched with muscle and joint supplements.

Typical American Bulldogs have a white coat with red or black spots and brown-colored eyes. This breed has a short coat so, they don’t shed too much, and they don’t need to be groomed very often. You can keep their coat nice and shiny with regular brushing, usually once a week, and you’re good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions About American Bulldogs​

There are five different types of American Bulldog in the world, and they’re all uniquely built. You have the Johnson American Bulldog, the Scott American Bulldog, the Painter, the Old Southern White, and the Hybrid American Bulldog, which is a combination of two types.

American bulldogs usually live between 10 and 12 years. However, some dogs may live up to 4 years more than that. The length of their life depends on multiple factors, with the most important being their size and health.

Fully grown female American bulldogs can weigh anywhere from 27 to 41 kg. Adult males are heavier, and their weight ranges between 30 and 58 kg, depending on the type.

Unfortunately, there is an American bulldog ban in place in Denmark.